Coming Home

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

I crest that hill and the Blue Ridge speaks to me. 

The wind skating around my head sends a gentle message.

“Welcome home young lad”


As the sun sets, nestled in the surrounding hills

I am reminded of the lazy summer days of my youth.

In stark contradiction, the quick pace and buzz beneath me.


Leaning to and fro I feel a connection to the Earth

Like a river flowing, pulled down by gravity,

I am lead down into the heart of this tranquil land.

Slow, look, lean and roll.

The lights of the small city become halos

As a guide to my final destination.


I’m reminded that life does go on

And I cannot live in this moment

Though I long for many more

And know that they are not too far off.


Oh country, my country

Thank you for what you afford me

Oh Lord, The Lord of all things

Thank you for the blessings with which you surround me.




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