E3 Day One – Three Wrap Up!

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During the course of E3 2010, Microsoft not only unveiled their updated motion control device named Kinect, but also showed off their newly designed XBOX 360 to boot. Did I mention anyone who attended the Microsoft press conference got a brand new FREE XBOX 360? Must be nice when you have money to burn...

In recent years, Nintendo's past press conferences at E3 were very uninspiring. Displaying sales figures and weak 1st party games such as Wii Music left many gamers wondering why Nintendo isn't make big strides for their audience. This year, I will say that Nintendo doesn't have that problem. Want some highlights?

The Nintendo 3DS is finally shown to the public for the first time and it is backed up by some SERIOUS third party time support!


Kid Icarus returns after 24 years! The new title will be on the Nintendo 3DS! Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer The Legend of Zelda series continues with The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword on the Wii!



Even though Sony's press conference was a lot of talking and sales figures, they did show off their wares which put the audience's minds at ease. So what did they show off?

Twisted Metal Returns! Hardcore fans unite! Killzone 3 announced for March 2011..with PlayStation Move and 3D support! PlayStation Move demonstration...not looking too shabby. Portal 2...for PS3!? After Gabe Newell, head honcho of Valve said the PS3 is inferior a few years back!? Did I mention the PS3 may be getting Steam support as well?

There were just so many things going on at E3, I just made some highlights! head on over to Kotaku, GameSpot and 1up for more info! 

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