Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

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Oh Medal of Honor. I had so much fun when you first started on the PlayStation back in 1999. Back then, it was Dreamworks interactive that developed the series. In 2002, Electronic Arts had made Medal of Honor: Frontline for the PlayStation 2. To this day, it is the highest rated Medal of Honor game on record. The visuals, lighting, enemy AI and the sounds of the titles made it stand out above anything most players had seen at the time. This series really defined the actions of World War II; way before Activision stepped in with its fancy IW game engine and Call of Duty.

But, with all things, time changes and so do companies. Up until now, EA has been milking the Medal of Honor franchise. Afterr 2002, the quality degraded, the AI became a joke and the series was known to be nothing more than a cheap title in your retailer's bargain bin. 

Soon, that may all change. Within the past year, EA and DICE have made a faithful reboot of the series set in the current Middle East conflict. Most FPS (First Person Shooter) developers have now abandoned the World War II setting; as it has been done to death.

Call of Duty is now focusing on the Vietnam and Cold War settings, whereas Medal of Honor is sticking to the modern times.

So now, in order to work out all of it's kinks and bugs, EA has released a Medal of Honor multiplayer beta for the PlayStation 3 and PC. The XBOX 360 version will be released soon due to bugs in its beta build. If you pre-order the game, you will receive a code from your retailer and you can get in on the action.

I must say that I am very impressed by the work DICE (One of EA's internal developers) has produced, since they created the multiplayer portion of the game.

The gameplay is fast. You can be running and bullet will just so happen to lodge itself in your noggin before you know it. The visuals are so realistic, you would think that you are watching the news about the  Middle East conflict when you play the beta.

Cars are destroyed, dilapidated buildings are commonplace, the streets are in complete disarry; just like real-life Afghanistan.

The sounds? If you don't own a stereo system, then you are missing out on a lot. Bullets whizzing by your ear, the acoustics of gunfire make you wonder if you are going to live for the next 10 seconds, explosions and ricochets all over the place, EA and DICE have this game locked down.

Medal of Honor comes out on October 12 this year and if you want a little taste of what you get, plunk down $5 and you won't be disappointed. If you are, you can always cancel your reservation. Until then, here's a taste of what you will be experiencing!

Oh, did I mention that the PlayStation 3 version of Medal of Honor will receive a Special Edition that comes with the Medal of Honor: Frontline remake? SWEETNESS!


Rating: Mature Price: $59.99 Platforms: PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC Genre: First Person Shooter Players: Up to 24 in Multiplayer

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