Beat the Heat

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

I hope everyone had a great holiday. It may have been difficult to enjoy being outside, considering the heat and humidity. Looking at the forecast it seems we may be in for a few days more of extremely hot temperatures so I wanted to pass along some helpful information about beating and/or managing hot temperatures. 

·         First of all, if you don’t have to be outside please don’t go out.

·         Try to keep any outdoor activity limited to the early morning and after the sun has gone down. Mid-day (from about 10 am until 3 pm) are usually the hottest parts of the day.

·         DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS!!! Water is best, but this includes fruit juices, sports drinks and even non-caffeinated sodas (which I don’t normally recommend). Alcoholic beverages, on the other hand are not recommended at all both for obvious reasons as well as their ability to dehydrate without you realizing it. Caffeine has a similar effect. 

·         Protect your skin and eyes. Using sun block with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) greater than 15 is best. Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing, and use sunglasses that protect against the suns harmful rays. 

·         Remember that children, fair-skinned, and older people are more susceptible to heat related problems.

·         Be aware of the causes and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

o   High body temperature, dizziness, headache, confusion, cramps, fatigue and clammy skin that is cool to the touch are some of the important signs.

·         Remember to take plenty of breaks from physical activity if you are going to be out in the heat. Pick a shady spot and relax. 

·         Be attentive to any pets that are in or around your home by providing extra water shaded places to go or even a pool of water to relax in.

·         If you don’t have an air conditioner try and go to a place that does. Most retail outlets, fitness centers, community outreach centers and restaurants are cool places to seek shelter from the heat. 

·         Finally, NEVER leave people or pets in vehicles, even for a few moments and even if the air conditioner is running.   

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