I’ve been shaked and baked…

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

As you all well know, the last few weeks have been pretty brutal with the heat and humidity. I think I may have melted once or twice overnight, which would explain why I've virtually oozed out of bed in the morning, poured myself into my work clothes and flowed out to the bus stop.

And of course, the first bearable morning greeted the barely-solidified version of myself with a soul- (and body-) shivering shake from head to toe.

I was not expecting an earthquake, but I recognized what it was seconds into the tremor. How could I not after having spent my formative years in Shakytown itself, aka California?

Anyway, I have to recover form all this, so please pardon me while I pull myself together and re-congeal. I'll have something else new up here soon enough.

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