Road Trippin”

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

We have just returned from a long, and much needed, vacation to Rhode Island to visit my wife's relatives.  What a wonderful break in the normal routine it was to pack up the car and hit the road! 

While we were away we were able to participate in some relaxing outdoor activities as well as see some of the iconic sites of the New England states.  We visited Newport, RI.  Newport is a beach town full of 1950's charm.  Whole neighborhoods are comprised of huge mansions that once served as summer homes for wealthy Northeasterners.  Many of these homes have been donated to the state of Rhode Island and can be toured.  We had the opportunity to experience the Cliff Walk in Newport as well.  The views of the surrounding bay and beach are amazing and the breeze from the ocean served as a cooling relief from the summer heat. 

Growing up around the Chesapeake Bay, I have been eating Blue Crabs for as long as I can remember.  In Rhode Isalnd we had the chance to eat what are called Rock Crabs.  These guys are BIG!  They boast a much harder shell and generally look like Blue Crabs that have been pumping iron!  I can usually feast on 18-20 Blue Crabs in a sitting.  We had 5 Rock Crabs a piece and I was feeling stuffed!!!

The guys also got to play a round of Disc Golf and I am happy to say that I tied for the winning spot (usually I throw so many discs into the woods that I am nowhere near finishing in the money). 

All in all it was a great escape from work and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and family.  We have plans to go camping in upstate New Your in August and so I am anxiously awaiting some more time with the cousins. 

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