NBA Elite, NBA Jam and EA”s New Sales Tactic

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Do you remember the mid 1990's when the arcade scene was hot? Do you remember doing crazy dunks like this?

NBA Jam is coming back to the Wii, 360 and PS3 and here's how it looks now!

The NBA still holds the license for NBA Jam and EA was quick to pick it up. But, there are some serious things to consider before you even think about getting NBA Jam.

The HD versions will ONLY be bundled with NBA Elite for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 (formerly named NBA Live). HD versions of the game will not be the full version. Full version only available on the Wii. No online for the Wii version so far. Online for the HD versions.


I'm not a big sports gamer but I do love the Run & Gun style of gameplay NBA Jam. But, my main point is I would have to pay over $60 to buy a game that I really don't want just to get a watered down version of a game that I do want. This does not sit well with me at all. As a matter of fact, most gamers would agree with me on this fact alone.

It also doesn't help that the NBA2K series has constantly outperformed NBA Live in grpahics and play style. I understand that EA wants to turn things around. But when you use a beloved classic series as a trump card to get sales, don't expect your console sales to even break 500,000 copies. Seriously, think about it.

Because NBA Live ususally doesn't sell too well, EA stated that mass improvements have been made and they want people to "try" NBA Elite. For $60 I do not want to "try" the game. I want to love and enjoy the game. You can't return a new game that's opened.

I thought Mass Effect was a big hassle but this move by EA just makes me upset. For Mass Effect, there was a one time use download voucher for getting free content. Yet, you had to register on EA's service, then create a handle and get your code; if you even could get that far. It was just a great big hassle that no one wanted.

I'm not hating on the Wii. I would rather have a game look nice and crisp with all features intact; rather than getting it some parts of it and then having it being called a "game". If you don't own a Wii, you pretty much sold out of luck.

Release Date: Fall 2010 Platforms: XBOX 360, Wii and PS3 Rating: RP, most likely an "E" rating. MSRP: Unknown

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