Bumps & Bruises, Scrapes & Cuts!!!

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments


We had our usual Wednesday bike ride on Thursday this week. I had a run-in with a tree and had more than one good fall. Bruce had a fall or two that he quickly tried to recuperate from before anyone could spot him and Dan saw the dirt from up close too. We all ride clipless, meaning we ride with shoes that attach to our pedals, so picking a good line through roots and rocks is essential to keeping the rubber down. Even mistakes at low speed can result in some pretty funny (read scary) falls to say the least! But we always get back to the parking lot with sweat on our brows and smiles on our faces so we must be doing something right.  

I got home last night and hopped in the shower and realized where all the scrapes and cuts were! I thought to myself that we must be really in love with mountain bike riding or totally insane. Maybe it’s a lot of both! 



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