Summer myths: Common stereotypes of school breaks

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When June rolls around, everyone is anxious for summer vacation to start. Students, parents, and, Im sure even teachers, are anticipating a long, relaxing break from non-stop work.

But in our dream of summertime, we may imagine a few things: neighborhood kickball games, fireworks, lazy days at the pool, hanging out with your friends, barbecues and picnics, perfect weather, and not a thought about school.

While some of these events may become a reality, most of them are unrealistic. Lets take a look at some untrue expectations of summertime.

Myth 1: You get to see your friends every day.

Reality: This one is either a hit or a miss. What usually occurs is that youre home when all your friends are away, and it just so happens that when you leave for vacation or camp, your friends come home! If youre lucky, you may get a few nice summers when your friends are home and you can live at each others' houses, chilling and having fun like summer should be. So when your parents may ask you why you arent hanging with your friends and are hanging out with only yourself, clue them into your situation so they can understand your misfortune.

Myth 2: There is absolutely no school work or reference to school during the summer.

Reality: Once you get into middle school, and take more difficult classes, teachers could never imagine you forgetting what you learned. So they give you long packets to complete by the start of the next school year. It may only be one or two packets, but its still work. This means your brain is still working all summer. (Unless, of course, you leave your packet for the very last days of vacation!)

Plus, come July, you start to receive e-mails and notifications for your schools Open House, and Back to School Night. And dont even forget school supply shopping. Its a mad rush in those tight aisles of Target and Walmart when everyone is grabbing for the same items, and barely two carts can fit in the width of an aisle with a person barely squeezing through. The pandemonium is crazy ... so you either go early on in the summer (thus, dragging school sooner into your summer) or you go days before school starts (when everything is gone.) So school is mentioned here and there throughout the summertime.

Myth 3: The weather is perfect in the summertime ... always nice for the pool or a barbecue.

Reality: Maybe if you lived down South you would have perfect weather, but not in Maryland! Just the other morning, I was awoken around 6 a.m. with lightning, thunder and heavy buckets of rain pouring down nonstop for a solid half-hour. But the days before that called for extreme heat. Heat and storms arent things that we would like to include in our summer. They just complicate it.

How am I supposed to go to the pool if its even too hot to go outside (even if its in water)?! How am I supposed to go to the pool if there is thunder and lightning?! The weather is nowhere near perfect like what we see on TV shows, and in our summertime fantasies: cool breezes, but just hot enough to go to the pool and be comfortable, sprinkled with a few light afternoon showers. But it is what is, and we just have to deal with what were given ... even if that does mean were stuck inside on a summer day.

So, as you can tell, many of our visions of summer are stereotypes. As unfortunate as this is, we need to appreciate the amazing parts of summer, and the fun that they bring.

Ariana Sadoughi, a local student, writes a monthly column for

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