Mid-term elections? Or how to spend millions of dollars and get nothing in return?

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OK, so maybe its not exactly nothing, but its as close to nothing as you can get. I admit that during the last presidential election I did work, for the first time ever, to get this president elected. Im glad that I did, and only history will determine the success or failure of his presidency.

With the upcoming mid-term elections, some people, certainly all of the talking heads, are pontificating that there will be a blood bath in the ol Democratic corral. Maybe so, or maybe not, again only time will tell. Since my beliefs tend to be more Democratic than Republican, all of this postulation would have, at one time, kept me up at night. No longer its not worth the effort and aggravation.

You see, I did a little research and found that since President Eisenhower the nation has had about equal time between Democratic and Republican presidents. And, Im sure there could be hours, or days, worth of discussion over who was in control of the House or Senate during those years and whether we as a nation faired or faltered during any one administration. However, overall, my belief is that we are better off than we were 50 years ago and with any luck, well be better off in the next 50 years. My grandson is counting on it.

I know there is a movement afoot to make mass changes in these upcoming elections, but you may recall from a previous column, where I stated that, even if your philosophy is to throw the bums out, all you get is more bums. Dont believe me? Wait until the elections are over.

We as a nation would, in my opinion, would be much better off if all political advertising were banned. Providing of course, that it wasnt banned by the big, mean, nasty, federal government, or interfered with by those pesky states rights nuts. Sit back down and relax Im kidding.

Although, wouldnt it be delightful to not have to listen to the commercials where the candidates try to out-lie their opponents, or preach their good intentions? Or to not have to see their ugly mugs on billboards?

I have a suggestion to alleviate a lot of the stress on everyone, and everyone would have an equal chance of getting elected without wasting millions of dollars, at least a part of which is mine and yours. Heres how it works: The ballot for all federal, state and local elections would merely state the position being voted on such as president, or senator, or governor and each candidate would be listed as Bum 1, Bum 2, Bum 3 and so on. In addition, so that its not too boring, the bums would be color coded (red and blue what else?), and white for those who are undecided and they could be a lighter or darker shade of their color based on their beliefs relative to a center line. Maybe Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow could be used as the bench marks.

The news recently reported that the Democratic Governor of Maryland has raised 10 million dollars for his campaign. I repeat 10 million dollars. Now Maryland is one of the smallest states in the union, and we dont have a large population. However, it appears that at least some of them (not me) must be more than adequately affluent.

Personally, its likely that I will never see 10 million dollars during my entire lifetime, much less one election. I wonder what it costs to get elected in California or Texas? I already know what happens in Alaska from which, by the way, you can see Russia.

Yet, time and again, we hear that all of the candidates are one of us, a common man,: will work for the little people, will create jobs and lower taxes. Please refer to the section above regarding lying. Their job, their sole job, their only mission seems to be to say or do anything to get elected. Then, apparently, the rest is easy. All you have to do is to not think for yourself, show up occasionally, vote strongly along party lines (or be ostracized), glad hand, kiss babies and get ready for the next election. You must know by now that politicians are preparing for the next election before the ink is even dry on the results of the current election. Its disgusting.

So, Im not slamming one party or the other I have a sufficient amount of disagreement with both parties that I dont need to single one out. Additionally, yes, Ill be voting in the upcoming election, since, in my opinion, if you dont vote, your opinion doesnt count. More plainly, no voting - no complaining.

I would however like to take a bit of space here and give a nod to Republican Senator Olympia Snowe from Maine. Yes, Im giving a nod to a Republican. My reason is that she, in my opinion, votes on the issue at hand and not always along party lines. If youre a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, she may be on your hit list, which is unfortunate since we as a Nation could use more legislators who see things in colors other than red or blue. Thank you Senator Snowe.

Now, if youll excuse me, Im going to research how many people could get health care with 10 million dollars.

Thats my opinion whats yours?

Rick Godfrey writes a monthly column for fredericknewspost.com.

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