Somber Reminder & Reflection

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Most times I try to keep my blogs upbeat and light-hearted.  My posts about the activities we pursue are meant to be invitations for others to Get Up, Get Out and experience the outside world around us.  Recently, I saw a news article in the Frederick News Post (click here for link) about a young boy who was injured while playing on the wooden slide in Thurmont .  There was recently a young man who died as he was trying to climb a mountain in order to ski down it.  Motorcyclists are often injured or killed in accidents.  After reading the story about the young boy who was injured on the slide I started to think about my own daughter/God-sons and the possible harm that I may have caused to her/them by taking her there.  I thought about my own health and welfare considering I ride a motorcycle almost every day.  

The more I think about these things, though, I consider a famous (maybe infamous) quote that goes, "You can live for nothing or die for something".  I guess my thinking leads me to believe that there are a myriad ways to die, and just as many ways to live.  We can live our lives afraid of doing things because of the potential for getting hurt or killed or we can enjoy life and all the amazing opportunities it encapsulates.  Now don't get me wrong,  I am not suggesting that we all go jumping out of planes without parachutes, or taking on certain activities that are beyond our abilities.  That's just irrational.  What I am suggesting is that life is full of amazing experiences; experiences that create passion in us all.  Some people do not and will not understand the lengths others will go to in order to seek out their passions.  Others will seek out their passions to the extremes of human capabilities. 

Maybe I am just an adrenaline junkie who sees the one side of this thinking and not the other.  At the time of this writing I am still struggling with the issues that surround that quote.  And I am struggling with finding a balance somewhere in between the two sides.  I would really like to hear from any readers out there who have an opinion on this one.  Thanks for reading and please leave your comments.    






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