Intrigue and passion move from center stage to real life

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As I listened to a classical music radio station while I did my mandatory research for my next column, I was stunned by the reality of the news that unfolded in Silver Spring at the Discovery headquarters.

For one who lives contemplating the peace and beauty of the world of music, it is startling to see the drama of real life develop before ones very eyes. Similar to a tragic opera, the performance had a villain and hero with a supporting cast and the required tragic ending, not to mention the audience.

Affixed to the work in three acts (the assessment, the evacuation, and the finale), I decided to dedicate this column to the unsung heroes of this work, the officers of the Montgomery County Police Department.

As a private citizen I felt comforted and reassured to know that we have a police department of this caliber and quality protecting our lives and property. These officers put their lives on the line not only because it is their job but because of the honor, pride and competence that is instilled in them when they take the oath to serve. They handled the operation so dignified and professionally that it mirrored the perfection of a well rehearsed theatrical work.

At a time when budgets are being cut to the bare minimum and it appears both socially and politically necessary to denigrate the police and all figures of authority, I believe that we all have been given a great opportunity to lead a change of paradigm within these modern times and truly laud the unsung heroes of society who perform their daily job without getting their just recognition or remuneration.

If I were a Puccini or a Verdi I would take this episode from life and compose a musical tribute befitting all of the fine officers who protect us. However, since I do not have that ability or talent I humbly submit this written word as an expression of gratitude.

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