Art is All Around

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Downtown Frederick practically overflows with art and music. I couldn’t throw a tube of oil paint without hitting an art gallery or showcase of some kind. One corner of the historic districts hosts a cluster of theatres and performing arts spaces and on any given weekend (when the weather permits) I’m in earshot of something melodic.

The arts here aren’t limited to simply display, as several artists in the area hold classes in their studios, galleries or at the Delaplaine, and many musicians also offer private lessons as well. Art, in all its forms, spreads throughout the city and county--hosted at the colleges, created in woodland and farmhouse studios, and taught at the dance schools that abound in the area.

The sounds of nature--crickets, birdsong, chattering squirrels and more--juxtaposed with the noise of city bustle could easily become the foundation of some musical composition, transformed into notes and beats. The spectacular views of the mountains and valleys with their farms sweeping across gently undulating fields simply beg to be immortalized in pigments and megapixels. Even the rhythms of the ebb and flow of people strolling up and down Market and Patrick Streets during events, as individuals swirl around each other in passing and weave in and out of the crowd, look like a dance of complicated choreography.

How could anyone with even a smidgen of artistic inclination fail to find inspiration here?

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