Its Finally Over Or Is It ?

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Lets get right to the point this month. We Democrats got our butts handed to us in this last election, and the Republicans are all basking in the post coital glow of politics. As for this no-where-near-the-far-left Democrat, I was briefly elated. Then I became depressed. Like a political version of manic depressive disorder.

A Democrat elated over the fact that his party took it in the keester? How could that be?

Heres my thinking. First, I get my television back. No more of those ugly, hateful, albeit somewhat truthful, political ads where the political acts of omission and commission are so blurred they remind me of watching the bullet train go by.

Two, I get to go back to watching the commercials that inform me of all the maladies I have, and how with one little pill I can fix them all. Ahh, what could be more peaceful than watching two people in bath tubs, in a serene setting, watching the sun go down? Now thats television.

So much for elation. The depression started setting in on the very night of the election. No, not because the Republicans took the House. I actually think thats a good thing, and I even voted for a Republican this time, because I thought he was the better candidate. Ive got my panties in a wad, because before the ink was even starting to dry on the results, the partisan politics was already starting to rear its ugly head with a vengeance.

I can still hear it. Each side offering up a spirit of cooperation, vowing to work with the other side, reach across the aisle, getting America back on the right track, and getting things accomplished. If only the other side will change their wily ways and give up their unrealistic expectations.

Blah, blah, blah.

Aint gonna happen its politics as usual. Worse, on the very night of the election, everyone was talking about 2012. If I could cuss in this column (which I cant), this is where WTF would go.

Instead of 2012, how about worrying about today and the next two years, then worry about the next election? In the pre-election rhetoric, there was a nationwide hue and cry to lower taxes (mostly for small business the heartbeat of America) and create more jobs. Well, that was the promise so lets get to it. Put up or shut up as the old saying goes.

The fact is that the economy will improve, taxes may be lowered, jobs will return and the ominous skies will turn blue again. However, it has nothing to do with any particular party. It would happen if the country was run by elephants, donkeys, or even goats.

At some point, and to a greater or lesser degree, tumultuous times such as these will return. I promise. I may be guarding the pearly gates (or somewhere else much warmer) by that time, but it will happen again. Since its both cyclical and based mostly on personal and corporate greed, history is doomed to repeat itself. Im sorry, but someone had to tell you.

Now heres what really burns my buns. A lot of Republicans campaigned on repealing the Health Care Act. Not adjusting it, not aligning, correcting, amending, or modifying it, but repealing it. How absurd can you get? Apparently, according to them, there is not one single solitary shred of a good thing in a 1000 plus page document. Thats just partisan politics, plain and simple.

Here is a small fact that you may not know. When the HCA was being considered, to which party do you think the health insurance industry sent the majority of its money? If you guessed the Republicans, as I did, youd be wrong.

You see, the health insurance industry actually wanted this bill to pass, because there was a mandatory coverage requirement in it and that would be like money in the bank to the health insurance industry.

Now that the bill has been enacted, to which party do you think the health care companies are giving their billions? This time, if you guessed the Republicans, youd be right.

You see, they know the Republicans are good friends of both big and little business and dont want those businesses over-burdened with those pesky rules and regulations. So the industry lobbyists are wisely spending their money to get those regulations gutted to the point of being worthless. This gutting of the regulations and lack of oversight worked so well with the banking industry, I can hardly wait for the sequel, starring the health care industry.

Politics aside, if you pay for your own health insurance, or have any chance of having a previous medical condition that could even remotely be considered pre-existing, you may want to contact your congressmen/women and let them know youd like them to keep the good portions (that protect the population from the corporations) of the bill, and then modify the rest.

Congratulations again to the Republicans. I guess well all see how well this spirit-of-cooperation thing works out. Now if youll excuse me, Im going back to watching my commercials.

Thats my opinion, whats yours?

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