NBA Jam Review

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NBA Jam makes a very good lasting impression for those who are looking for a great arcade-like sports game. The original NBA Jam was released in the early 1990's in the arcades and it was an instant smash hit. As time went on, the series received negative reviews due to busted graphics and using recycled content from older titles. Now, times have changed, Midway and Acclaim are bankrupt and the license to NBA Jam was retained by the National Basketball Association. EA took up the license, hired the original NBA Jam developer to make a new title and here were are with the brand new NBA Jam.

The presentation is vibrant and clean. HD graphics clearly showcase the players with their slightly big faces; the same goes for the audience. There are a LOT of modes here and here is a sample of what you're getting:

Classic Campaign - Take on all of the NBA teams including boss battles. Remix Tour - Classic Campaign with power ups. Smash - Destroy the opponents backboard with dunks only. Domination - Control different points in the court.  

In addition, there is an online component to NBA Jam for the PS3/360 versions. You can have up to 4 players take on each other in either classic two on two, domination, remix and smash modes. There are online leaderboards to show off your dominance of the court around the world. When I played NBA Jam, I was unable to find players online. Maybe the servers weren't online yet. But, this is a good component to have when you don't have friends nearby or when you want to crush someone halfway across the world.

Overall, NBA Jam is an awesome game that can't be missed by those who want to experience the high flying action of crashing backboards.



It's NBA Jam! Beautiful graphics and excellent visual presentation. An array of gameplay modes, plus secret teams and boss battles, constantly keep the game fresh. Simple controls welcome players of all skill sets. The announcer's voice never gets old.


Can't customize the controls. Hard to find opponents online (PS3 & XBOX 360 versions).

Rating - 9.0/10


Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Sports MSRP: $49.99 Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360

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