Facebook: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Ariana Sadoughi. 0 Comments

One wouldnt be surprised by the fact that every one in every fourteen people in the world hold a Facebook account. Or that 50% of Facebook users log on everyday. Or even that people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. No; none of this is shocking in the least.

Facebook has become one of the most popular websites of all times for people of all ages. Many teens and young adults use Facebook to stay close with all of their friends. Numerous adults use Facebook to find and keep in touch with friends old and new. It seems like everyone has a Facebook account.

When you really think about it, Facebook can be great. Teens can come home from summer camp and Friend all of their new friends that they had made so that they dont lose contact. Youre able to update your status so that at any given moment people can always tell what youre up to. One can even upload pictures and create albums, or write on someones Wall. Students can quickly contact others about homework or projects. Family can instantly connect with each other to have a close bond even though they may live far away from each other.

All of these benefits make Facebook seem like a fault free website that only has benefits or is it?

Everyone knows about the infamous cyber bullying that has been going on ever since these social networking websites have been created. Teens have found an indirect way to bully others, in a way that parents and other adults usually dont see. And usually, kids will say things online that they probably wouldnt say to someones face so cyber bullying can be much meaner than school yard bullying.

Of course you can report the cyber bullying by flagging comments. But who knows if Facebook will take any action on it? Cyber bullying has been the cause of suicidal deaths and other bad choices in the past few years, and if Facebook is a source of these problems, who wants to be a member of this website?

Another con of Facebook is that it may provide others with information that they dont need. By this I mean, that when people update their statuses sometimes they write things that they really shouldnt.

An example of this is when someone will say Going on vacation! Be back in week! Anyone can read this, and if the wrong someone reads it they might plan to rob your home or something of the sort. Who knew that such a simple statement could have such large and terrible repercussions? Once again, Facebook is the source of just another problem.

Join Facebook at your own riskyou never know if your experience will be positive or negative.

Ariana Sadoughi writes a monthly column for fredericknewspost.com.

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