Winter Festival of Lights 2010!

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

Last Friday we packed up the family and went on a drive down to Gaithersburg Maryland to witness the 2010 Winter Lights Festival. It is an outdoor lights display that covers about 3 miles of lit scenery from gingerbread houses to reindeer to Santa and his sleigh. You drive though a portion of Seneca Creek Park and visit themed areas such as Teddy Bear Land, Winter Woods, and Toyland.   

I was expecting to see the average light display that you normally see in your neighbor’s front yard…Boy was I surprised! Each display is expertly put together with moving winter scenes. We were able to take our time and stop at each scene to notice the subtle details of each. If you drive through too fast or if you are the driver and don’t stop you will miss some of the cool little touches that have been added to each scene. There were arches of light that made tunnels over the road.  There were moving displays of birds landing in the lake, gingerbread men doing somersaults, and a whole bunch of other exciting and cool moving displays. 

It costs $12 to enter and is well worth it. You can purchase glasses that have some effect on the way the lights glow or shimmer but we did not purchase them. If you decide to go and check it out here is a tip: Turn your lights off so that just your running lights are on. It makes the lights pop that much more and you make the experience better for others who are enjoying the lights. The road is lit well enough by the displays. Enjoy and please let me know how you liked the lights! Happy Holiday’s!!!       

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