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I started my column writing journey on January 23, 2009, and in a little over a month I will have been writing Lessons Ive Learned for two years. In a celebration of this I would like to reflect and remember a few of my past columns starting with Undetected Friends and ending with Facebook: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

February 3, 2009: Perhaps one of my most memorable articles (at least for me) is Undetected Friends which is the first article I had written for The Frederick News-Post. Halfway through 6th grade at this point, I themed this article on my past teachers and what I had learned from them. Rereading this article I realized that I was right on key with describing what my elementary school teachers had done for me and how appreciative I am of them. Now, if I had written this article last month I would have had to have written about over 20 more teachers; that would be quite a column!

April 11, 2009: Writing E-con-o-ME? was a learning experience for me. I had heard adults talking about the economy before and had heard of how it was making things more difficult but I had never really realized how it affects kids. When mom or dad loses their job, something happens to you, too. Learning more about the economy was an eye-opener and it helped me to make plans for myself so that I can be more money-wise. In fact, I have now become a better saver after researching for and writing E-con-o-ME?

November 11, 2009: Picking partners in school can be a very critical choice. Do you choose Partner Type A? The smart partner that will keep you focused? Or do you choose Partner Type B? The partner that you know you will have tons of fun with? A comparison of these two Partner Types is included in Picking Partnersthe smart choice. Now if youre ever stuck between a rock and a hard place when you need to pick a partner, there is a resource. This is one article I will never forget writing because it made me think Am I Partner Type A or B? I think that I am Partner Type AB- compatible with anyone!

December 10, 2009: About a year ago I wrote Procrastination the Not So Smart Choice. The article is a good read for all ages because it deals with a predicament that many people deal with. Its so easy to put off writing that book report or to delay mowing the lawn! I admit that I can be a procrastinator at times and I honestly regret it! It can be a pain trying to complete a task last minute that wouldve been easier to have started before! The best idea for working against procrastination that I found while researching was to do what you need to do, then reward yourself! In other words: clean your room, AND THEN go watch some TV. This works for me every time; I hope that this article proved to be just as beneficial to others as it was to me.

June 21, 2010: Over the summer I had received a magazine and it included a feature on easy ways to go green. One of the options given was to switch over from using Google to Blackle. Blackle is a search engine powered by Google however it has a predominantly black screen with white letters which supposedly saves much energy. Using Blackle is a great idea, however most people are die hard Google fans and wont bother to make the switch. I tried to get in the habit of using Blackle, but I just wasnt having the same experience that I had with Google. Maybe some environmental enthusiasts will use Blackle but perhaps Blackle is taking going green a bit too far.

September 21, 2010: The Life of a Columnist explains exactly what I do when I write my column. I gather ideas, I research, I actually write the article, I edit a lot, and then I send it in to the editor. In my opinion, the most difficult part of writing a column is coming up with an idea. You dont want to write something that no one will want to read! In fact, this month as I was gathering ideas for my article I was wondering if people would like to read a little reflection on the journey of Ariana Sadoughis column writing. If a writer is writing to inform, persuade, or to entertain I sincerely hope that The Life of a Columnist serves justice to show just how hard columnists work.

November 29, 2010: The most recent article I have written is Facebook: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Facebook has become such a popular website that I decided that it was important enough for me to write an article about it. Of course Facebook can be very fun, but it can be very dangerous as well! Signing up for Facebook can be thought of as a commitment because it carries much baggage this being said, sign up at your own risk!

These are only a couple out of many articles that I have written for Lessons Ive Learned, and heres to many, many more.

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