Final Fantasy XIII gets a sequel?

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

I love Final Fantasy. I didn't love Final Fantasy XIII. I liked it.

Many people, including myself, were disappointed in Final Fantasy XIII. Issues stem from the linearity for half of the game, not giving you the choice to select which party members to use and only controlling one party member in battle. 

Average reviews were in the 8-8.5 range; which is good but not excellent.

Now, it appears that Square Enix wants to make up for it by creating Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The game will be released sometime near the end of 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

Not sure what the game entails, but here is hoping that Square Enix learns from their mistakes and will finally restore Final Fantasy to what it used to be: Fun and engaging.


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