Tidbits: Recent Chatter About Some Baltimore Favorites

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To my dismay, January is already done for 2011.  There were tons of local events that went on last month and not nearly enough hours in the day to write about them all.  I apologize for this, but I hope to “Shock and Awe” you this week with a mass attack of post getting you up to date on what’s been going down.  Some things to look forward to are a "Bucket List" of favorite albums, an interview with DC's Black Dog Prowl, and coverage of two local shows which includes a new YouTube video feature.  I’ll start out however with a few interesting tidbits about local favorites J. Roddy Walston , Dan Deacon , and Matmos  to get us back in the Bucket Blog swing of things.

The other day I was catching up on my blog reading when I stumbled upon articles about our three Baltimore faves on Daytrotter .  I saw J. Roddy Walston and the Business this past fall at the Ottobar and I know that they have been busy touring supporting the new self titled album ever since, so news about the band has been quiet.  It was a nice surprise to see them do a studio session for Daytrotter because more selfishly I’ve been anxiously waiting for J. Roddy to come back to town, but really because I feel they aren’t nearly talked about enough.  Daytrotter explains the J. Roddy phenomenon quite nicely in the recent post and I’ll just add to it that I highly respect these guys for being oranges amongst mostly apples in the Baltimore music scene.  By the way, if you did not catch the boys this past fall they are making a brief in town appearance at the 9:30 Club on April 18 and 19th before they head off to travel the rest of the U.S. again.

Dan Deacon is doing live music performances less these days and exploring his talents as art show host, comedian, communal ringleader, and the like more.  He also turned up on Daytrotter recently doing a little bit of improv with Matmos during their studio session , but most interesting is an article I found on the Midnight Sun describing his collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola on an upcoming film.  You can read more about it here and the story behind how the two met on the Midnight Sun’s website, but I will summarize by saying the gothic romance movie entitled “ Twixt Now and Sunrise ” will star Val Kilmer and Dan Deacon will compose the score.

Matmos is a group that I haven’t heard much about in a while and it was also a surprise to see them on Daytrotter.  I don’t believe I’ve talked about Matmos before, so here’s a little 411 on the group.  Matmos have been performing since the mid 90’s, but originally started in San Francisco, California where there experimental elctronica was coveted amongst college art crowds.  The duo, M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel really define the term experimental by sampling sounds from all aspects of life including live specimens as well as inanimate objects.  You can read their website bio to get a rather lengthy list of their experiments and collaborations over the years.  The recent studio session they did at Daytrotter with Dan Deacon stepping in for part of a song was a reminder of the brilliance and true artistic nature of their compositions.  Matmos are also working a new album this year!

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