Tidbits: Recording The Goodness At Nola

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With my cheapo 200 dollar point and shoot camera I’ve decided to start recording the best of Frederick entertainment.  I started with pictures some time ago and thought I’d try my hand at video because if a picture is worth a thousand words then video of all the goodness that has been coming our way has to be priceless.  I have to admit, it’s not as easy as it looks especially when one indulges in the delicious concoctions at Café Nola , so these first videos are a little rough, but I’ll keep practicing.

The last two Friday nights (1/21 and 1/28) at Café Nola were pretty epic.  So epic that just the thought of having both Hoots and Hellmouth and Cotton Jones in town and as close as I’ll ever probably get to them was enough to give me the bright idea to start video recording these great moments.  This isn’t the first time Café Nola has had some really great bands visit us in Frederick however.  No sir, last year we had the likes of Wye Oak , Future Islands , and David Jacobs-Strain .  If you are into roots/ Americana music whatsoever or even just watching talented up and coming musician then you need to make Café Nola part of your regular routine. 

On 1/21 Philly boys Hoots and Hellmouth came down for a visit and to wash away any remnants of those post holiday blues. 

...To be continued.  Sorry folks my attempts at "shock and awe" this week were diffused by yet another crummy seasonal cold. Check back soon, BB is down but not out. No way. No how!...  And almost a week later we are back. [Insert disheveled/disgruntled emoticon here]. 

Anyway, H&H played a good mix of songs from their latest album The Holy Open Secret and their self-entitled first release.  The boys seemed real comfortable at Café Nola and the show felt more like a house party hoe down than a formal showing.  They had the joint jumpin with tunes like You and All of Us (Woot!, BB’s 1st video reference) while the country cool intricacies of Abattoir Alter Boy and Girl kept our head swirlin.  Hoots and Hellmouth are a stone’s throw away in Philadelphia so look for them to come back through, but not before they play SXSW, California, and the Mid West!

Now fast forward one weekend later (1/28) and we get hit with a 3’fer tornado of Saint Bernadette , TroutZilla , and Cotton Jones aka The Cotton Jones Basket Ride .  Saint Bernadette headed by female lead Meredith DiMenna whose voice is as seductive as it is serious, came all the way from Bridgeport, CT to play more of an acoustic version of their rock for us and many times over nailed there third string slot at Café Nola that night.  I really only have one thing to say about TroutZilla… Jazz flute baby!  Seriously, though the jazz flute is great, but Frederick’s own TroutZilla definitely brings their own style to the table.  Somewhere between jazz, funk, and big band rock and with jams like “The Only One” (which I should have recorded because I can’t find it anywhere other than the myspace page) Frederick should be proud.  You can check them out next at Bentz St Sports Bar February 18th and I can guarantee at the very least that the lead guitar player will keep you entertained.  I’m pretty sure he single handedly carried the energy in their set that night. 

Ah, and now the best for last, Cotton Jones has become an unforeseen addiction after the recent show in town.  At the intimate setting of Café Nola, it was easy for Cumberland, MD native Michael Nau and his band mates to transport us into their bohemian folk dream world and I’m still fighting not to leave.  I only caught three videos between being entranced by the organically sweet and soulful good medicine of Cotton Jones.  Sail of the Silver Morning is the sweet and songs like Somehow Keep It Going are the good medicine I speak of.  I wish my recordings had been a bit better sound wise, but my inability to hang out in the back led to some distortion.  Note to self, sacrifice for the greater good next time.  The mix of tunes that they played were from their newest Tall Hours in the Glowstream , the previous Paranoid Cocoon (my personal favorite), and a few I’ve never heard.  Dig deep into this band repertoire and you will be rewarded.

Ps.  I hope I’ve finally done this post some justice.  The life of a day dream music blogger aint easy when the “have to’s” outweigh the “want to’s” and of course with new blog features comes new responsibility.  It’s near 1am again and I’m sitting here slightly pissed that I missed The Civil Wars show at Jammin Java tonight.  Why?  Because even if the tickets weren’t sold out by the time I finally got around to purchasing them it would probably take me at least a week to write about it and there’s still blog posts in the queue from weeks ago that need to be written.  I don’t mean to sound whiny, what I’m trying to say is that this blog really is a labor of love.  That sun shiny day back in May ’09 was just the spark, since then I’ve found so much local goodness, dedication, and perseverance that I just can’t help but want to share it with you all.  So, although I may be short on time these days, like Fat Possum Records... "Were trying our best".

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