The Death of Guitar Hero, True Crime & DJ Hero

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

So long Guitar Hero. You were a fun game to play in college. Those were the days of shredding in your dorm room jamming to Aerosmith. The same goes for DJ Hero. It was a great experience for wanting to spin those turntables feeling like you are Pauly D. Finally, the True Crime series had a mediocre run; taking elements from Grand Theft Auto and Dead to Rights and mashing them into it's own rendition.

Activision announced that the 3 franchises will cease production. No more Guitar Hero, DJ Hero which was a surprise hit and the reboot of the True Crime series. 

Guitar Hero was losing sales due to the evolving competition that is known as Rock Band. EA and Harmonix take their time when making games for the series. For Guitar Hero, its usually an annual affair with the quality releases being overshadowed by the crappy ones.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the most recent title released last year, failed in terms of sales records and quality. 

Something tells me that Activision is trying to gear up for some new Intellectual Properties (in other words, brand new games/projects).

It's unknown if Activision will ever return to the music genre of gaming but for now, I think it's best for them to hold off of making them since their titles haven't been selling well.

1up - Activision gives Guitar Hero the "Axe" 

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