“Morning Glory”

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“Morning Glory”

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post another review.  Honestly, with Spring right around the corner, it is difficult to find the time – as opposed to finding the time to throw myself into yard work!  However, my wife and I discovered a film that we both had forgotten about.  I remember the trailer for it.  I remember the plotline and the cast both being interesting, and yet I do not recall it ever having been released in theatres.  Maybe you feel the same way?  Suffice to say, “Morning Glory” was a discovered-by-chance movie for us. 

Regardless of how I came by “Morning Glory”, I take issue with the film.  The film is categorized as a Romantic Comedy.  I am here to say that it most certainly is not.  Trust me folks, there is so little romance in this film that such an aspect of the film should have been forgotten about COMPLETELY.  While the storyline is compelling, nothing is worse than expecting one kind of a movie and being given something else.  I have always taken issue with comedies that suddenly decide to be serious, and I feel similarly in regards to this film.  It has to do with a changing your expectations I suppose.

The film does have a good story and it has a powerhouse cast: Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Jeff Goldblum, John Pankow, and Patrick Wilson.  Okay, so did I throw you with those last 2 names?  Patrick Wilson I had to really think about; he appears as Night Owl in “the Watchmen ”.  John Pankow was tougher though.  My wife’s stellar memory came into play: you may remember him from the hit TV show “ Mad About You ” when he played (wait for it…wait for it…) Ira Buchman!  Seriously though, the cast is incredible.  Sadly, the film fails to do anything with ANY of these actors.  The film spends so much time of Harrison Ford’s character that it fails to do anything with anyone else.  This is a massive misuse of talent, and probably a budget too.  Anyone could have been in the place of these other characters.  All you had to do was pay Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams and you could have done much less with the rest of the cast.

The good storyline is compelling, but not very evocative.  What I mean is that the film does move you.  It doesn’t feel like the Today show, it looks like a sub-standard morning TV show. (I know that’s the idea, but this is dumbed-down so much as to not seem realistic at all.)  However, the “we-are-so-poor-we-can’t-buy-doorknobs” aspect of this was so over-done as to seem utterly cliché.  While I felt for Rachel McAdam’s character in the film, the character itself is given no depth whatsoever.  Truth is, “Morning Glory” doesn’t seem too deep in the thought-out department.  The script is okay, but the entire movie doesn’t have any great punch-lines.  (It does feature some great scenes with a hysterical weather man, though.)

Overall, “Morning Glory” isn’t worth the watch, especially if you are looking for a Romantic Comedy.

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