River City Ransom returns!

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River City Ransom is one of those games that you just can't let go. It has action, romance and comedy all rolled up into one sleek package.  Released in the U.S. in 1990, RCR was made by American Technos; who also created the Double Dragon series.

Miracle Kidz, the studio that houses the original River City Ransom's development team, has announced that a true sequel to the NES classic is underway. It will be released first on consoles and then on PC. The release date is scheduled for summer of this year for the consoles. Which consoles exactly? No one knows. Kind of helps if you have all three so you won't be without exciting title.

So far, this is confirmed as a Japanese release, but I'm sure it will make its way over here. If not, then save your dollars and get to the importing when it's out!

Games Radar - River City Ransom 2 incoming!

Developer: Miracle Kidz Release Date: Summer 2011 for consoles, 2012 for PC. Platforms: Unknown at this time.

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