Communication Breakdown: Down At The Crossroads

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Yes readers, I’m at a metaphoric crossroads with this little blog of mine.  Once upon a time ago, I was hell bent on trying to inspire more variety in the local music scene.  There was only one problem with that… there all ready is a lot of local music happenings in/ around Frederick.  Some might still say the scene is not diverse enough, but I’ve been so smitten with what I’ve found so far that my blog has almost been completely consumed by coverage of local shows leaving out the national indie perspective I used to blog about frequently.  I don’t feel that this is a bad evolution, in fact I see a great need to record these local happenings as well, but frankly it is contrary to my original intent which I still feel somewhat obligated to as well.  So, what is a blogger to do?  Well, I don’t know exactly.  If I had all the time in the world it would be a simple, do both [Yay!], but realistically that’s not going happen.  I thought maybe I’d pose the question to you all and see what you prefer.  What do you think readers, do you want to hear more about awesome local happenings or read about artist I pull out of the chasmic depths of the national indie scene?  Maybe some mix?

On another personal note, the last few weeks (except for a short music based excursion to NC) have been very focused on getting to know downtown Frederick even better.  It’s funny how you might think you’re familiar with an entity because you’ve known it for so long, but in reality you’re familiar with a certain perception of that entity, a perception that you probably developed some time ago, a perception that may not be entirely true in the present time.  This is kind of how I’ve been feeling about Frederick.  Of course there are still many of the same old institutions we’ve had for years, but seriously a lot has changed (and is changing) since the last time I was young and free and looking for things to do.  For instance I really like the trifecta of Café Nola , Guido’s, and Café 611 for alternative outlets and if you throw in Krug's Place with it's hardcore scene,  Blinding Sun Records who holds impromptu hip hop sessions on Thursday nights, and Bentz Street Bar who is starting to expand their selection you’ve got some decent variety around town.

Last thing I want to mention, speaking of Guido’s and Café Nola, is that I was lucky to witness a little piece of Frederick’s music scene past and the bittersweet leaving of one of Frederick’s beloved music scene supporters.  I’m talking about citizen Kevin Collins, co manager of Café Nola and long term Frederick music scene member of most recently, Troutzilla.  Kevin’s leaving inspired reunions of some of his former bands.  At Café Nola Kevin and others played as “Basketball Beats”, a fun jazz/rock type ensemble covering some old school early 90’s pop R&B and later that weekend he got together with former band mates of The Boa and rocked a super long set of Post hard core punk inspired original tunes at Guido’s.  Farewell Kevin and good luck in your adventures.  (Sorry kids, no pictures or videos.  Let’s just say BB was officially off duty for those events.)

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