Determination is everything for this Street Fighter player.

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

Just watching this video made me step my game in up the realm of fighting games. Fighting games take serious time and effort to attain the level precision and solidity usually found in high-caliber players. You have to know what to do, how to do it and the correct fashion in executing your actions.

Most of us have full functionality of our hands and arms in order to get better by practice and gameplay experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can share the same experience that we take for granted. Mike Begum is a gamer from the state of Texas. He has a condition called Arthrogryposis; a rare genetic disorder that reduces the mobility and functions of the joints. His love for Street Fighter as a child has greatly contributed to him being one of the most talented Chun-Li players in all of Texas. He also is one of the best Super Smash Brothers Brawl players in the United States.

I truly commend Mike for overcoming his condition to pull off impressive feats in Super Street Fighter IV. If a man has less tools to use but is an excellent player, what's your excuse for not stepping your game up? Just seeing this video makes me want to hit the lab and get better, period.


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