Communication Breakdown: My New Favorite Way To Find New Music

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Usually, I’m not one to rave about things that are already popular, but I feel I owe Facebook a little bit of lip service because of the shear mass of new music I’ve found lately using the application.  Of all the ways one can search for bands these days, Facebook is by far turning out to be my favorite.  I like the fact that I can “like” a record labels Facebook page and instantly I’m linked in with news about artist I’m familiar with and other artists I may not be familiar with, but have a high potential of enjoying.  Not to mention most bands these days have a Facebook page of their own where you can get the inside on new songs and information on bands the band likes (who you might also like) and are touring with.  I’ve also noticed that Facebook is making it increasingly more mainstream to embed popular music sites like SoundCloud , ReverbNation , and RootMusic on a bands Facebook page.  I no longer hear of a band I might be interested in and then have to look up their information and some tunes on any one of the various websites (usually a combo of several) out there.  This is especially useful now that Myspace has implemented a streaming limit where after so many songs played you are only allowed to listen to 30 second clips.  Lastly, one of the most undercover ways of finding new music is to look at the music pages listed under a friend or bands profile “likes and interests”.  It’s pretty fun to hop between profiles and eventually find a band you like or at the very least learn about several bands you have probably never heard of.  Kudos Facebook!

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