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Well, since I did not get much of a response to my last post, I’ll go back to doing what makes me most happy which is whatever the hell I feel like doing!  Ha!  So, today I feel like mixing it up a bit even though I just saw another great show at Café Nola and have pictures and videos to share.  Today I want to talk a little bit about the New Orleans pop duo of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer aka the Generationals who I first saw back in early 2010 (when they were actually a trio with a stand in female drummer) as an opening act to Apples In Stereo at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC.  At the time, the band was basically fresh off the block and they had recently released their first album Con Law .  I hadn’t heard of them prior, but I was pretty impressed with the simplistic yet high energy and fresh but yet so classic feeling live sounds of the show that I picked up a copy of Con Law.  The whirling keyboard with a life of its own element that I had experienced live held true in Con Law as well and it was a favorite “pick me up” jam for a few months (the BB time scale is much like dog years).  Some of my favorites from Con Law included When They Fight, They Fight and Wildlife Sculpture.  Now, here we are almost exactly a year later and the Generationals are headlining their own tour and they just released their second full-length album entitled Actor-Caster .  I know sometimes sophomore albums can be a big flop, lucky for us if you’re afraid to jump on in KCRW will be streaming the entire album FREE until April 19th. LISTEN HERE .  I’ve had a chance to run Actor-Caster through the wash a few times now and it’s coming out pretty clean on the likes and dislikes list.  The Generationals sound is definitely evolving as is evident in this album; it feels like they have been hanging out with the cool indie kids lately because Actor-Caster has a deep permeating pop indie feel.  The album is also fuller feeling and much more smooth than previous endeavors, but with the same great upbeat rhythms and pop lyrics we all love to sing along to.  Do yourself a favor and avoid some of the seasonal rainy day blues by picking up a copy of Actor-Castor or a combo of all their albums directly from the Generationals website  or check them out May 13th @ The Red Palace in Washington DC with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.!!

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