Streets of Rage is reborn!

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In the early 1990's, you were either a Sega kid or a Nintendo kid. Specifically, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. I have always grown up with the Genesis and I had some very fun times on my console. Believe it or not, I still have my Sega Genesis in my closet. A little dusty but I still have it. One of my fondest memories was playing Streets of Rage, a classic beat 'em up title that received critical acclaim for it's difficulty, gameplay and awesome soundtrack composed by Yu Suzuki; a key figure that helped contribute to Sega's success.

As time goes on, Sega hasn't done anything to revive this once popular series. Instead, a flood of terrible Sonic the Hedgehog games just kept coming out year after year. Looks like Sega didn't bother to put out another Streets of Rage title for reasons unknown.

In 2003, Bomber Games, a small group of developers and coders located in Spain, started on Streets of Rage Remake. This week, they have finally finished the game after 8 years of hard work. I have played it and I must say, I am EXTREMELY impressed. Streets of Rage Remake has been created from the ground up. The game has 19 playable characters, over 100 stages, a LOT of music that has been remade for the game including new music, remade enemies from the series with even smarter A.I., unlockables and secrets....I mean this game rocks! Sometimes, the best products comes from the fans themselves and Streets of Rage Remake is the perfect example.

These guys created the game out of love of Streets of Rage. If you want my personal opinion, Sega not only needs developers like Bomber Games to revitalize their beloved franchises, but they also need to take notes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Instead, expand upon the formula and you have yourself one of the greatest fan made games ever; rivaling their retail counterparts.

Bomber Games - Streets of Rage Remake Blog & Download Link

Update: Sega has pulled SOR: Remake from their site. Bummer.


Final Release Date: April 4, 2011 Price: Free Developer: Bomber Games

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