Nintendo’s New Console? SAY WHAT!?!?

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The Wii. In November of 2006, it had so much going for it, people were willing to pay more than MSRP ($249.99) to get their hands on one. Yet, the Wii became a victim of its own success; selling too fast with Nintendo running out of customers. Don't get me wrong, the Wii is a great seller with over 75 million units sold. But, like most things, it gets old.

At this point, Nintendo is in a rut. Although the Wii has some best selling first-party games (Mario, Zelda) minus Metroid: Other M, the system also has a LOT of shovelware; games that are made for a quick buck that usually lacks in quality. Although the PS3 and XBOX 360 has some shovelware, their quantities are much lower in comparison to the Wii's.

Reggie Fils Aime, President of Nintendo of America, stated some time ago that third-party publishers don't get it and the Wii is a quality platform that can contend with the big boys. However, game sales speak differently. Most third-party titles don't sell well on the Wii; even if the game is critically acclaimed. This led some publishers, such as Electronic Arts, to limit the support of the Wii due to poor sales and better competition. It doesn't make matters any better when there are Wii consoles just aging on retail shelves and collecting dust on households while the competitors are producing more console and game sales than before.

With all that being said, Nintendo wants to take back the console market with their new console code named, "Project Café".

According to numerous reports, "Project Café" will have the following:

High Definition resolution up to 1080P. Backwards Compatibility for Wii titles. A controller with a 6 inch LCD screen and camera Processing power to rival or exceed those of the PS3 & XBOX 360.

With the Wii just given a price drop to $169.99, Nintendo may be clearing out their inventory to make room for the new console. Interestingly enough, E3, the world's biggest exposition of video games, is less than two months away. Maybe, we will see this new console at work during the expo and possibly recapturing their core audience instead of it getting passed off as kiddie system.

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MSRP: Unknown Release Date: End of 2012 (Date is tentative)

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