“You Again”

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“You Again”

This is a decent flick.  It’s not great, but it is worthwhile.  I found Kristen Bell to be very believable as her character Marni.  Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver are just having fun with their roles and you can tell.   The addition of Betty White to the movie just made the whole film even better.  LOVED the ending!  The story is written well, and you can easily find yourself picking sides in this movie.  On one hand you are rooting for Marni, and on the other hand, you begin to think maybe she’s taking this all a little too harshly.

The story isn’t really that original.  High School dork gets picked on by pretty & mean girl.  Flash forward.  Dork becomes pretty girl with whole new outlook on life.  She finds out older brother is marrying high school mean girl.  Dork decides to “save” brother by ruining pending marriage.  The only real twist here is that Dork’s mother has high school memories of other ex-friend that turned into mean girl against her – and that ex-friend is soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s Aunt. 

The film’s got a lot of laughs, and there are parts where it is just plain slapstick comedy.  Love it!  There are also parts where it starts to get a little serious.  Why do comedies feel the need to do this?  Time and time again, I rant on & on about how some movies can’t decide whether they are a comedy or a drama.  At least with “You Again” they didn’t take it too far and I honestly never felt they were being too serious.  Thank goodness!  That may be what saved this movie in my opinion. 

It’s not a witty treatise on high school nostalgia.  It’s not a brainless road trip filled with drugs and sex either.  It’s not a buddy comedy casting the stars as cops.  Some clichés just won’t go away.  What this film is can be summed up in a word: fun.  Like I said, it isn’t the best flick around, but it’s decent.  You can sit back and laugh at this one, and not worry about some grand message.  It’s just a fun movie!

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