Tidbits: A Night At The Strand-Capitol

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Time fly’s as usual in Bucket Blogger world, but I didn’t want to skip talking about the Strand-Capitol Theatre in York, PA and the great show I saw way back on May 19th.  First of all York, PA isn’t the kind of town/ city you would expect much out of being located in an area devoid of major urbanization.  I wouldn’t have even thought to look for shows in that area had it not been for one of my favorite local Americana bands being on the schedule.  The venue is located just a block or two from the center of downtown and there are plenty of reasonably priced parking decks to choose from.  The parking and obscure location are not the best things about The Strand-Capitol however, my favorite part is that it is a beautifully grand old theatre with gold leaf trim, great lighting, and great sound to boot.  It’s also very spacious, the May 19th festivities were held in the smaller theatre which was more than ample for the event, but there is also a larger theatre area which could easily support national acts like Man Man who is playing there June 2nd.  Another great show that is happening there, tonight actually, is Bela Fleck and the (original) Flecktones and the Strand-Capitol even hosted this past weekend’s Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown in addition.  So, everything from the nostalgic box office outside to the great selection of music makes me give the Strand-Capitol gold stars as a local venue. 

And well, I of course cannot sign off on this post until I talk at least a little bit about the music that night.  The “ American Music Extravaganza ” presented by Farmbox Music boasted four bands starting with locals Pale Barn Ghosts , Independent Democratic Republic (IDR), and Booker Lee & The County Fair and then topping off the night with the revered Uncle Lucius from Austin, TX.  Pale Barn Ghosts are a young band with a folk style and some supernatural lyrical tendencies.  They played Café Nola recently, so keep an eye on the Nola schedule because they might be back.  Speaking of which, I did not see the Nola show but I think the three piece would have been more at home in a smaller intimate setting than the eternal vastness of the Strand-Capitol stage.  Pale Barn Ghosts held their own however and got the crowd in the mood for some good music.  Second up, were the awesome Gettysburg hip-hop rock mash-up band IDR who I’ve seen twice now.  IDR is always so much fun on stage, on any stage and they came out like rock stars that night getting the first dancers of the evening moving out on the floor.  IDR is part Booker Lee and the County Fair (the rock) and Solomen Pade and Teddy Holmes (the hip-hop), even if you’re not much of hip hop fan there is lots to like about IDR.  Switching back to a more American theme Booker Lee took over and laid down some solid jams with blazing guitar solos, beautiful vocals, lots of energy, and that Booker Lee style we all love.  To close the night the Strand-Capitol brought in the most excellent Uncle Lucius, a five piece consisting of electric guitar, keys, bass, drums, and the voice of Uncle Lucius, Kevin Galloway who also plays acoustic rhythm guitar.  There are so many great Austin, TX bands that I had heard of Uncle Lucius before but hadn’t spent much time getting familiar with their discography.  A vast oversight on my part because they were absolutely glorious on the big gorgeous stage at the Strand-Capitol.  Every nuance and instrumental solo which are the real treats in Uncle Lucius’s music we magnified 10 times by the great theatre acoustics.  It was really special to have that tiny hometown feel while seeing a band that carries such a large presence.  Teddy Holmes from IDR even jumped on stage and did a cameo during one of Uncle Lucius’s songs.  Every band that night came out on stage to show York, PA a good time, check out the action at Bucket Blogger on YouTube and Photobucket.  Also, dont forget Bucket Blogger is now on FACEBOOK!

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