Tidbits: Reasons To Be Proud Of Maryland

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Hey Frederick, I’m really excited about Saturday’s show at Café Nola , so excited that I almost forgot to get my weekly blog post in before the weekend.  If you don’t know, Cotton Jones is triumphantly returning to Frederick this weekend after touring all over the U.S., showing up on national indie blogs (like NYCTaper and A.V. Club Austin ), and hitting a few festivals (like Sasquatch ) since we last saw them back in late January.  No doubt, Cotton Jones will be another major Maryland success story shortly, but Saturday isn’t just about Cotton Jones.  Frederick’s own Old Liners will be opening.  Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ryan Nicholson had been playing individually on and off with other members Chris Morris and Paul Winzer for about eight years until they formally created Old Liners recently in 2009.  Old Liners have a solid sound that is instrumentally Americana but vocally more thoughtful rock that reminds me of 90’s bands like the Goo Goo Dolls or The Wallflowers.  It’s a sound that masses should find comforting and intriguing.  One of their songs is called “Fire Insurance” and they might need some soon if this catchy flicker of a rock album catches wind in the masses.  In their few years, Old Liners have also managed to release a debut EP style album.  They held the album release party at Café Nola a few months ago when they opened for Philly duo Hymn For Her.  Old Liners have also opened for Lucas and the Lovelys in Shepherdstown, but have never opened for Cotton Jones although several of the band members are friends and have jammed together on occasion.  I was curious about Old Liners’ two night (Frostburg on Friday and Frederick on Saturday) stint with Cotton Jones and caught up with them, more specifically Chris Morris briefly to ask a few questions. 

I felt a touch of hometown rivalry knowing that the Frostburg and Frederick shows were going to be back to back this weekend, so I asked Chris if they were looking forward to one show more than the other. 

Chris replied “ were looking forward to each show equally as much for different reasons. Playing at Nola is always a good time because all our buddies and family usually come out, and then Frostburg should be a good experience because we've never played there before”. 

Lastly, I was curious to know what the guys had been up to since I hadn’t seen them in a few months.  Chris says, “as far as what’s new for old liners we are about to master our full length record, we have a show at the blue moon on the 25th, and we will be in new jersey July 15th for a P.T.S.D fundraiser/ awareness. Then eventually some touring in the near future.”   

Old Liners took a short break this Spring to focus on songwriting, but they are back gigging now with a new bass player, Brian Weakly and are looking to “stir up some interest about the band”.  Check out the Cotton Jones show this Saturday at Café Nola but make sure you get there on time because you DON’T want to miss the Old Liners.

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