Communication Breakdown: New Release By The Demon Beat

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Just 10 songs.  10 songs doesn’t seem like a lot, but the Demon Beat make every second count in their latest full length album entitled " Bulls*** Walks ."  Coming in right around 43 minutes, 10 turns out to be a perfect number for well composed songs that demonstrate the Demon Beat’s expanding range of talents.  In the shady casino card game that is the music industry, the Demon Beat have pulled cards from some of rocks greatest periods and have been playing their hand well.  " S***, We’re 23" got them into the game, 1956 was the trick hand that surprised everyone, and "Bulls*** Walks" is the ace in the pocket.  Sophomore releases can often be a daunting task, but "Bulls*** Walks" over comes the normal pitfalls by incorporating a greater variety of influences into the iconic hard rocking Demon Beat sound, it's more than merely a continuation of "S***, We’re 23."  Track one called "Nevermind," Adam steps up and shows us how much he’s grown vocally since the first EP release in 2008.  "Nevermind" gives Adam a little more breathing room for more soulful choruses rather than just the high energy vocals we are used to.  "Nevermind" also sets the bar for Tucker's driving rhythmic bass lines and Jordan's powerful crashing percussions on the rest of "Bulls*** Walks."  "Poor Enough," "Give Me All Your Money," "Get It," and "Art School Girls" click off like revolver rounds with all the straight forward rock style and hooks that is classic Demon Beat.  "Art School Girls" is a little extra special, packing a big punch despite being the shortest song on the album by almost a full minute.  It feels punk rock in spirit but diverges 180 degrees at points with elements like a swinging early 1960’s sounding drum line and a floating guitar solo.  And I also can't listen to "Poor Enough" without visions of wind mill style guitar playing entering my head.  I've seen "Poor Enough" live a few times and it's very representative of the classic Demon Beat style I speak of.  The smoking gun then pauses briefly with the bluesy "I Still Would" and it’s great instrumental finish, a 1:30 minute long psyche style jam also new to the repertoire.  Then "Bulls*** Walks" fires the proverbial last “big bullet” in the chamber with the oh so catchy " Jump My Bones ."  Most certainly the “love child” of the band on this album, the Demon Beat demonstrate just how tight and polished they can be while maintaining an energized rock feel with this very marketable tune.  "Bulls*** Walks" finishes with the more laid back tunes, "Bang" and its melancholic yet slightly comical lyrics (bang my head… bang, bang every girl that I meet); "Totally Blissed Out" showcasing that developing instrumental jam style; and "I’m Not Really There," a more sentimental rock song.  Together, the three are a fine closing set letting you savor what you’ve heard so far and contemplate the future possibilities of this band.


The Demon Beat’s " Bulls*** Walks" will be available July 5th, order online and pick up a limited edition vinyl with Mp3’s or catch them at one of their upcoming shows.  The "Bulls*** Walks" tour kicks off July 10th in Akron, Ohio, but you can catch them locally at the Shepherdstown Opera House July 23rd.  Get your tickets soon; these local favorites will be sure to pack the house.  Check out the other tour dates including the Baltimore show on the Big Bullet Records website.


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