CM Punk shoots and scores

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I could talk about how much I enjoyed seeing the Shawn Michaels cameo or how much more they could’ve gotten out of the Raw Roulette wheel than what they did or how impressive Nikki Bella’s and Kelly Kelly’s submission maneuvers looked during their (very) brief submission match or even that I continue to enjoy Mark Henry’s turn and the nice spot where Big Show went through the cage during his and Alberto Del Rio’s match. But, there’s no need to right now because there was only one thing on this past Monday’s show that really needs to be discussed.

CM Punk is the best act going today…period. Very few can compare to him in the ring, and, after this past Monday, I don’t know if anyone can compare to him on the microphone either.

If you haven’t heard it yet, there are a few floating around on YouTube, until McMahon goes after them and takes them down. But, the guys over at haveĀ the transcript here. You may want to check it out first.

For those who have seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I tell you how off-the-charts it was. The sense of realism that permeated the Attitude Era is seriously lacking these days, and Punk was able to bring some of that back in just a few minutes. It was to the point where even long-term fans were wondering for just a split second if this was an actual shoot.

Incidentally, I don’t see Vince ever letting anybody just go out there and start talking without having some idea as to what he’s going to say. And, if Punk had legitimately gone into business for himself, he would’ve been fired right away. Instead, we got a message on yesterday that he was suspended, and then that suspension was lifted so he could still go on tour until his contract is up.

Instead, what this did was really make me want to see what happens at Money in the Bank, as any segment before a pay-per-view should do.

As for the promo itself, I was reminded of the one Joey Styles cut just before ECW was brought back. They pretty much just let him tear into the company, and nobody was safe, especially the bosses.

And, regardless if all his comments were approved or not, he was absolutely right with just about everything he said.

He implied there’s a lot of politics in the business, and to get ahead, you have to be something of a kiss-up. Don’t get me wrong, John Cena isn’t the worst guy who ever laced up the boots. But, CM Punk is a thousand times better than him in just about every facet as a performer. And, yet, who’s the top guy? It’s Cena.

And, he should be upset that the Rock is main-eventing Wrestlemania next year and he isn’t. The Rock, while one of the most charismatic and best talkers the business has ever seen, isn’t anywhere close to the level of a wrestler that Punk is, and he never was. I’d much rather see Punk and someone like Daniel Bryan get the chance to shine on the biggest stage in sports entertainment as well as a significant amount of time to show the world what they can do instead of the Rock-Cena match were getting next year.

And, it would appear as if Punk’s also right that McMahon refuses to surround himself with anything other than yes-men. One would think that if anyone on the creative team had been brave enough to stand up to McMahon over the years, we could’ve had an actual Invasion angle when he bought WCW. Or that ECW would still be around as an actual alternative to what he gives us on Raw and Smackdown. Or he wouldn’t have wasted the NWO when he tried bringing that one back. He could still be making money off of at least WCW and ECW had he decided to not do things his way and totally annihilate WCW and try and turn ECW into his own vision.

I would like to think Triple H is more in tune with today’s audience than Vince seems to be, so I may disagree with Punk on that point. But, all the rest could very well be spot on.

Here’s the problem with the whole thing from Monday, though. One of two things are likely going to happen. Punk is getting the chance to shine like never before, and that’s a good thing unless he really is leaving in a couple of weeks. Granted, if the door is still open for him to return, he should be able to come back stronger than ever, but that would be if he even wanted to come back.

The other thing is, though, is if he is staying, I don’t have high hopes right now of Vince not messing this up. Former WWE superstar tweeted after Punk’s promo that Punk just had his Austin moment, as in the one back at the King of the Ring years ago that helped propel him to stardom. If that’s true, and I think it could very well be, let’s hope the other people involved in this (as in, McMahon and his creative team), find a way to not just keep Punk on the roster, but not mess up another potential big money deal.


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