Punk’s final act continues

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Like most fans, I was really curious as to how Raw was going to follow-up the amazing CM Punk angle from the previous week, and, given the circumstances, I think they did as good of a job as possible.

Punk getting suspended made sense. Even if you’re on your way out, telling off the boss isn’t the best way to go about things, so WWE gets credit for logic in this case.

A new number one contender’s match was held since the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was two weeks away and now there was no challenger. Again, makes perfect sense to me.

John Cena still wanted the match, though, and, perhaps in an attempt to show everyone that Punk was wrong and Cena didn’t kiss up to McMahon said he’d quit if he didn’t get the match…a match that was cancelled because McMahon was either embarrassed by Punk or he didn’t want to take a chance on Cena losing and Punk leaving the company with the WWE title. I’m still a little confused as to the reasoning, but I thought it worked having Cena walk away.

And, that’s when the confusion struck. McMahon chased Cena up the ramp way and told him he’d get his match, but he’d fire him if he loses the match.

So, McMahon doesn’t want Cena to quit so much that he’ll chase him down to get him to stay, only to tell him he’ll fire him if he loses the match and Punk leaves with the title. And, this is after Cena said he realized he’s no different than any other past champion, like Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin because he can be replaced.

If Cena could just get fired anyway, why not just let him leave then, leave the Punk suspension intact and crown a brand new champion?

While some of that left me scratching my head, I at least understand the reasoning behind it. The point was to get more of the focus on John Cena since he’s staying past next weekend and Punk, by all accounts, all but gone. Sure, Punk may sign an extension and stick around for a few more weeks, but, for all intents and purposes, his time in the WWE is just about up.

I still say they can add a lot of intrigue in the show if Punk wins next Sunday night, then, just as McMahon is about to fire Cena, the Money in the Bank winner comes out and beats Punk for the title. That way, viewers have to tune in the next night to find out what’ll happen to Cena.

Or, better, yet, just let Punk win and leave with it. Now, that could be a unique booking decision.


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