Bucket List: Current Music Selection

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It’s not so much the case these days, that I sit down in front of the computer and scourer the internet for new music.  I pick up much of the new music I’m listening to at shows and occasionally some article or comment I read will spark my interest in an artist also.  As a result, this list is mostly a reflection of opening acts and local artists that I’ve seen at recent shows with a few random interests mixed in.

The Shackeltons – An exciting new local find are the Shackeltons from Chambersburg, PA.  I must have drunk the DC cool-aid way before I was old enough to know, because I instinctively have an affinity to post hardcore punk.  The Shackeltons carry this tradition well, but with a more poetic twist.  I caught them recently at Golden West and performance was as much art as music.  The scene was tragically beautiful with carnations and tree branches getting trampled, broken, and strewn about the stage.

The Fox Hunt – Old Timey country bluegrass locals from Martinsburg, WV and no stranger to the masses, having performed on NPR Mountain Stage .  I finally caught up with The Fox Hunt boys at the Shepherdstown Street Fest and got the witness the excellence for myself.  I picked up a copy of Long Way To Go .

Frontier Ruckus – If you like intricate and intelligent lyrics mixed with indie folk rock and Americana elements, then you will like Deadmalls & Nightfalls by Frontier Ruckus .  This is a semi random find, but the band will be coming to the Purple Fiddle located about 4 hours from Frederick at the crook of where western MD meets West Virginia in Thomas, WV August 26th.  Schedule a great weekend of hiking and catch Frontier Ruckus Friday night!

The Americans – An opening act for Ryan Bingham, their rural rockabilly style is warm and inviting.  It’s hard to believe a rockabilly band could come from Los Angeles these days, but The Americans and their self entitled EP is just a tease of good nostalgic things to come.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Another “happen upon” lucky find spurred by the fact that now the second pressing of Kay Kay ’s first self entitled album is about to go out of print.  The creative indie psychedelic rock group from Seattle, WA has a new album out this year titled Introducing , which is available as a digital download right now and as hard copy on July 26th.  If you order from ShopRadioCast.com you can pick up some sweet deluxe bundle packages including beer coozies.

Drag The River – I found myself with a big crush on pseudo country acoustic rock band Drag The River after Jon Snodgrass performed at the BlueMoon Saloone a few month ago and I’ve been buying up as much of the mostly out of print collection as I can.  The story lines have all the hard luck reality of classic country tunes and the sound is a refreshing straightforward acoustic rock.  Like I said most of the previously released material is out of print, but luckily the Fort Collins, CO band is working on a new album and they have decided to make available digital downloads of their material to raise funds for the new album.

Portugal. The Man – Folks generally classify Portugal. The Man into two categories the new psychedelic pop style marked by anything after and including The Satanic Satanist and the older style that had heavier rock overtones.  I’ve been listening to Church Mouth and Waiter: You Vultures! which would fall into the Alaska natives older style category.  While I really like Church Mouth, I’m not such a fan Waiter: You Vultures!  By the way, Portugal. The Man has a new album titled In The Mountain In The Cloud scheduled for release July 19th.

Mega Ran & K-Murdock – I picked up Famicom Forever , a Nintendo 8 bit accented hip-hop album at the Café Nola Mega Ran & K-Murdock show sponsored by Blinding Sun Records this past May.  It’s one of my random favorites to whip out in any party situation.

Angel Sluts – On a whim, I caught punk rockers The Angel Sluts from Memphis, TN at Guido’s Speakeasy and was impressed by their DIY style.  The band has a collection of short releases featuring their true to the core punk rock nature and all very reasonable priced if you catch them at a show.


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