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I know it’s been a while sports entertainment fans, and I know a lot has happened over the past few weeks, probably more than you even know. I’ve been away on my honeymoon, so I missed Money in the Bank, but I’ve heard a lot about it, and there’s definitely a lot to talk about. 

But, first, I had been working on an interview with WWE Diva Brie Bella for several weeks, and I was finally able to get it, just before heading out on my honeymoon, so I wasn’t able to post it until now. So, to make up for missing the past few weeks, here’s my interview with former Divas champion, Brie Bella.

(Responses originally received on 7/16/11)

D.C.: I’m not sure if fans truly understand just how rigorous of a schedule you all keep. Take the recent Australia tour, for example. What was that like as it relates to the time spent on the plane to get there and back, how much traveling you did between shows, the number of matches you had, etc.?

Brie: Our Travel is insane!! We just got back from Australia, but right before we left we were in Houston, Dallas and Las Vegas….In Australia we were in a different city everyday, which meant everyday was early morning flight and the flights were about 3 hours each and every night a show. Our last day we enjoyed New Zealand for no more then 20 hours. Traveling can definitely be exhausting, but our shows were so amazing!! The crowds’ energy was sooo loud and great, it makes it all worth it!!! Thank you Australia and New Zealand!!! But after Australia we only had a couple days off until we were off to Boston, MA for Monday Night RAW. We are truly the energizer bunnies….we keep going and going and going… 🙂

D.C.: With the type of schedule you keep, not just traveling for matches most weekends, but also for the numerous promotional appearances you make, on top of the physical toll the matches themselves take, why did you decide to get into the WWE in the first place?

Brie: Well as a female you can kick girls’ butts and look hot doing it!!!! Lol! Actually, WWE is not only a business you join, but a family. I was very interested in wrestling and the business WWE stood for. The minute I got into a ring, Nikki and I knew it was for us. We instantly moved to Tampa, FL from Cali and started training…13 months later we were lucky enough to join the SmackDown Roster and the WWE family. Since then I’ve been able to perform my craft in front of the world. Seeing every city, state and many countries. Not bad!!!

D.C.: What’s it like to perform in front of thousands of people every night?

Brie: It’s nerve-racking!! You think the nerves will go away over time, but they never do. Us Bellas always want to entertain our fans and please them. It can be a lot of pressure, but there’s an addiction to the rush….afterwards it’s a great feeling!–especially when we are leaving and getting the reaction we wanted from our fans.

D.C.: And, could you tell me a little about the transition from fan favorite to heel and what was the reasoning behind that decision?

Brie: Like anything in life, change is always nice. I’m lucky enough to be in a business where we have characters and story lines. To change it up is fun, makes it exciting!!! There’s a challenge to it too, and to succeed feels great!!! Being bad is fun!

D.C.: And, finally, could you tell me a little about the atmosphere backstage amongst the Divas…for instance, what was the general reaction to Kelly Kelly’s title win?

Brie: Like I said earlier, WWE is a huge family…you get excited when your sisters and brothers win. There’s a great support system. This instance is different because she took it off me! So because of that there’s a completely different feeling, which means I’m going to try to take it back this Sunday at Money in the Bank. Come on I’m the better Diva’s Champ 😉

* * *

In my opinion, the Bella Twins have turned into a fantastic act in the WWE and have really impressed me with what they’ve accomplished since their debuts. I know they’re supposed to get booed these days, but they’ve quickly turned into some of my favorites, and I really appreciated Brie taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions.

Now, as for everything we’ve missed the past few weeks, there is definitely lots to discuss. But, I’m going to hold off until after Raw next week when CM Punk is scheduled to explain why he returned. Should be interesting, and, I, for one, am glad to see him back already.


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