Tidbits: A Sunday Night With Matt Bauer

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Sunday night shows make me want to fall in love with Café Nola all over again.  On a Sunday night you’ll find less of the party crowd and more of the real music fans.  It was the perfect night (7/31) to have modern indie folk rock prodigies Matt Bauer and Dana Falconberry visit Frederick .  Matt currently located in Brooklyn and Dana located in Austin have been touring together recently as the combination of Matt’s soulful banjo and smooth vocals with Dana’s eerily pure ambience is something super natural.  No, I don’t mean supernatural as that would imply something beyond this world or out of this world.  Matt’s songs with Dana’s accompaniment is “super natural” because the metaphors are often very organic earthly entities such as horses, trees, lakes, wolves and the sound is simply purely super! 


Matt has a new album entitled The Jessamine County Book Of The Living that he just released this past June.  His second album to date.  The album is a fuller bodied extension of his live performance with Falconberry incorporating more strings and vocal dynamics but always, always maintaining a certain sublime simplicity that draws you in.  The album starts with “Useless Is Your Armor” which sets the scene entirely with an under current of sorrow, floating happy specs of hope, and a marching attitude of perseverance in between.  Black Light Horses is easily a standout track on the album which has a keen mix of strong and soft, female and male, ebb and flow components.  Followed by the sweetly contrasting reassuring lullaby that is Morning Stars.  That safe and warm ambience doesn’t hang around too long however, Popular Trees brings us back to the colder starker reality with a strong banjo melody and steadfast vocals.  All the Wolves That I’ve Known begins to wrap things up with a sense of cautionary acceptance and all the great female/ male vocal combinations we’ve enjoyed throughout the album.  The Jessamine County Book Of The Living goes out like a lamb or maybe a fawn with the soft and sweet Flowering Deer. 

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