Communication Breakdown: Bucket Of Rock 2 Years Strong

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Happy Birthday Bucket Of Rock!  If year one was an awaking to all the great local music in and around Frederick, then year two was most certainly a wild ride into the abyss.  We picked up lots of new features (photo’s, videos, facebook, etc.) along the way and got even better at delivering the 411 about local artists and events.  Every year I continue this here blog thing I become increasingly proud of our music and arts community and I’m not the only one.  We’ve had some amazing out of town artist visit us this past year and enjoy playing at places like Café Nola and the Blue Moon .  Turn off your radios and tune in to your local music venues!  We’ve got lots of them, not to mention we currently have three record stores ( Blinding Sun , Rock and Roll Graveyard , and CD Gamexchange ) in downtown Frederick all offering great merchandise at good prices.  I’m psyched to be entering year 3 in this endeavor.   I’ve got lots of great stuff I want to do in and around the community this year and I’m focused on getting better at all the facets of this blog, so that you don’t miss any of our great local talent. 

Speaking of all the facets of this bloggy blog, if you’ve only been reading on-line then for rock’s sake I suggest you check out the daily action on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and all the media on PHOTOBUCKET and YOUTUBE !!  Bucket Of Rock’s got social media, do you?  Come find me and let me know you love local music as much as I do.

Peace, Love, and Rock,

Bucket Blogger

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