Tidbits: Prison Book Club Releases Self Entitled

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Despite their name, Prison Book Club is taking no prisoners on their latest self entitled release (I’m betting that phrase has been used before, but I’m using it anyway).  Some things you’ll notice right off the bat is a much higher recording quality and production aspect than what we found on Required Reading .  Being the love child of both Demon Beat and The Fox Hunt , Prison Book Club (PBC) is not suffering from a lack of attention.  Members of the band seem to be using the success they’ve been finding in their other bands as a catalyst to improving and solidifying PBC’s sounds.  PBC at heart is a couple rural Blue Ridge boys with an appreciation for Country of the past, Country before it became a Ford truck commercial and when it was still a little controversial and still a little rock and roll.  PBC gets to be everything the Demon Beat and Fox Hunt don’t get to be and the latest self entitled album goes a long way in defining the bands identity.

On the self entitled we find more songs about lost loves, good times, bad times, and the realization of one’s own short comings in a slightly more aggressive format.  First song, the much anticipated recording of Do As I Say let’s you know the PBC boys aren’t playing around.  John Miller’s vocals growl and bite like a junk yard dog and Adam’s guitar riffs scream with energy and defiance.  In White Plain we find that dog with a bone to chew and a sweeter temperament reminiscing about a love lost backed by the standard rock format that were accustomed to.   Next up, Too Much Living with its swinging tempo and hot bluesy guitar accents makes us put on our dancing shoes and two step around the joint.  Tucker takes the mic on Nothing To Lose , one of two of his songs on the album and provides a nice contrast with a slower tempo that lets all those great country sounds breathe.  Tucker’s second song Living With The Dead follows a similar format, but with some cool trippy sound effect altered slide guitar in the mix.  Six Pack is sure enough a classic good times/ bad times PBC party song check that the boys can cash even though “it’s even further to the bank”.  Heart Of Lead is another Miller rock ballad reappearing with some more robust instrumentals from Required Reading and is one of the finer ballads on the album alongside Sons Of Heaven with its simply iconic lyrics.  Sons Of Heaven is also the heaviest rock song on the album, having a healthy southern rock feel and a superb electric guitar riff at the end.  The acoustic stylings at the close of Prison Book Club calms the barking dogs down once again with some good medicine in Coming Down and good advice in Leaders Follow .

The Prison Book Club CD release party is this Saturday night (9/3) in Shepherdstown, WV at the Opera House Live, so come on down and pick up a copy of the new album while you're there!

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