Who could have ever thunk Samsung would matter this much?

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Samsung. You don’t really think about leaders in television when you think Samsung, do you? Especially with all the fuss Apple is making over someday creating a one-stop shop for all things television, it’s hard to let another brand name into your conscious when thinking about the future of watching TV.

But Samsung has done just that. Or, well, kind of, at least. The television manufacturer announced recently that nearly 10 million apps (short for “applications” for those who could care less about tech-y things) have been downloaded from its store.

Wait a second. A store for apps that isn’t aimed at cellphones? What?

From the wonderful people at CNET:

“Although television applications have yet to come into their own the way mobile applications have, there is a growing number of people who are warming to the idea of doing more than just watch movies and television shows on their sets,” Don Reisinger, one of the website’s writers, wrote on Monday. “In fact, Samsung told CNET in a phone conversation last week that 50 percent of the people who own its line of HDTVs connect to the Internet from them.”

So what are these television apps that Samsung is speaking of? Well, at the risk of sounding pathetically obvious, think of the trillions of apps you can download on your iPhone, Droid or any other smartphone of your choice. Now think of those apps on your television screen. Boom. There you go. For instance, in December of last year the company proclaimed that Hulu Plus, ESPN Next Level, CinemaNow and Texas Holdem were some of the most frequently downloaded applications. Yes. It’s like a blown-up version of your cellphone.

But as always, the devil is in the details. Check it out:

“Samsung says that it would like for developers to consider applications that let users control their televisions from mobile devices, as well as companion apps that provide additional information to what’s already available on the television,” the article continued.

Wow. Imagine that. Picking up your phone to answer Crazy Aunt Linda’s call only to accidentally turn on a rerun of “Two-And-A-Half Men.” Look at how far we’ve come! And just think — such an innovation came from a company that doesn’t have a piece of fruit as its logo.

Yep. You best hurry things up, Apple, if you were ever serious about this whole Apple television thing.


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