Let’s get off the oil

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I'm responding to columnist Marta Mossburg's Oct. 5 "Green jobs myth" column. Her egregious omission was that she never mentioned or suggested that we first need to reduce our use of all types of energy.

Then, in her last paragraph, she writes that, "Green energy is expensive, unreliable and job killing folly." She intimates that oil, coal and natural gas are cheap, reliable energy sources. Has she lost her mind? Or possibly has no memory of just the last year or so?

For starters, there was the gulf oil debacle, the largest and most damaging of its kind ever. Let's not forget the lives lost in that incident, as well. I also recall a small incident in Alaska called the Exxon Valdez disaster. Then there were several major natural gas pipeline explosions. So much for the reliable aspect of her assertion.

As to cheap energy. I doubt any of us have gone to the gas pump or received our gas bill and exclaimed how cheap it was. However, when was the last time you heard of solar panels exploding or destroying the environment?

The cost of green energy is more expensive right now, and so was your 52-inch flat-screen TV when the technology was new.

Let's get off the oil.


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