Tidbits: Exploring The Rozwell Kid LP

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Maybe it’s the upcoming holiday (Halloween) or maybe it’s just the alternate reality feel of aptly named Rozwell Kid aka Jordan Hudkins’ new self entitled LP, but instantly I conjure visions of Jim Carrey ala esque Liar Liar and Ace Ventura too in an  Oompa Loompa wonderland. Pushing play, I spiral down some rabbit hole and tumble out in a power pop rock band version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with dancing green bongs and brightly colored arrangement of plastic Christmas trees.  Your ride for the evening around this magical land is a broke down Saturn and Rozwell Kid in his trapper hat and best Hawaiian shirt will be your chauffer.  Actually, the funny thing is that most of Rozwell Kid’s songs are about the real trials and tribulations of being young and living the life of an independent musician which is where the Liar Liar thing comes in.  Rozwell Kid unleashes all his unfiltered truthfulness on us secretly disguised in a little circular pill full of catchy choruses, driving drum rhythms, and full-bodied feedback flavored electric guitar riffs reminiscent of Weezer greatness in his debut LP.  Ace Ventura Pt. 3 is a self introspect vision that de-glamorizes the rock and roll life and flat out says “I’m sorry you’re not what you thought we’d be, staring in Ace Ventura Pt.3, you can go to hell”.  Born 2 Drum mocks the inevitable talk that all musician have with their parents about choosing to be a musician breaking it down and getting real serious about half way through with an old school Beastie Boys-ish turntable scratch session.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s talk about those Christmas trees.  The first track on the album, Rocket really sets the tone with a positive “do what you gotta do” even if its selling “Christmas trees in Austin” attitude, abstract enough lyrics to be universal, and an involuntary sing along reflex.  Additionally, it contains plenty of those yummy chigga chigga guitar breaks.  My Saturn, about his car being dead is the pinnacle of a bad trip moment in Rozwell’s alternate reality.  So many things we take for granted like a smooth running vehicle, Rozwell Kid sets this bummer of a situation up in heavier rock fashion and distressed outcry choruses all of which make it a stand out on the album.  So, the only things I haven’t talked about are Hawaiian shirts and green bongs, both of which are found in another one of my favorite tracks Hawaiian Shirt.  Fast guitar rhythms and powerful drums at the start suck you right in to the smartly contrasting slower chanting chorus section.  Hawaiian Shirt is a good ending balance for the opener Rocket, peppy and motivational but in a slightly different manor.  All in all Rozwell Kid is everything you want out of mainstream pop rock without all the bulls*** chitter chatter.  Lucky for you, you can preview the new LP online at Bandcamp .

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