Tidbits: The Golden Butter Band, In A Minute

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Pop of the highest integrity, The Golden Butter Band ’s newest album In A Minute is a brilliant example of pop that doesn’t feel sold out and local that doesn’t sound amateur. The Shepherdstown, WV band of five have prided themselves over the years on setting the bar high for their blend of poppy Beach Boy – esque harmonies and jammin funk flavored rock. Now at their second full length album, In A Minute can only be described as sonic excellence intertwined with surging amounts of pure fun. While this might inevitably be your favorite summer party soundtrack, it plays well in the current season counteracting this dreary Fall weather with that warm summer sunshine feel. At the classic ten songs, each are well composed pieces comprising a 43 minutes jam session full of bouncing bass lines, crashing percussions, hard electric guitar riffs, and sassy hooks rapping about love, relationships, and personal growth. Track 1, B-Riff gives us a good introduction to the core of The Golden Butter Band’s proverbial bag o’ tricks, but track 2 is when you realize you’ve got something special on your hands.  On The Line brings in that crazy dynamic of rock melodies versus vocal harmonies.  Call it What You Want is your classic pop song complete with power vocals and soul.  My Baby is a bit of a Beach Boys homage love song with simple low key background instrumentals and a focus on alternative lead, Alex Kerns’ vocals.  Fast Asleep highlights some more of that great harmony versus melody dynamic and plays with faster tempos. The remastered version of Tin Foil Hat is also noteworthy having been beautifully brought to life on In A Minute. Rounding out the album, Tin Foil Hat is a shining example of The Golden Butter Bands inherent humor and happy go lucky nature making fun of human paranoia. Pick up a copy of this album and smile... and maybe dance too. 

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