2012 predictions

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The year of our Lord 2012 is shaping up to be a really, really interesting one regarding politics and the law.

First, as I dont have to mention, but I will anyway, we will have a presidential election sometime in November. I know it seems as though weve been having an election for the past eighteen months, but finally it will come to a head this year, and well be able to rest a little until March or April of 2013, when the whole thing starts back up again.

If I could make a prediction, I would have to take the pretty safe pick and go with Romney as the Republican nominee for president. Newt is peaking right now, but if history in this primary has taught us anything, someone peaks, and a few weeks later, theyre basically out of the race. Newt could very well be out of the thing by the time this column is published.

The next one to peak will be Huntsman, who is fairly well-regarded, and, tragically, has my support, but I really dont think he has a chance hes too moderate. Hes not the rabid, frothing at the mouth Republican standard bearer that you are required to be to obtain the nomination. Mitt is more electable.

But thats not to say that hell prevail in the general election. Mitt is a bit of a flip-flopper, as well as a candidate straight from central casting. He looks good, speaks well, but he talks a whole lot without saying much on anything. Not a good sound-bite type of guy, which will hurt him against Obama.

Romney may appeal to centrists, but, as a whole, I believe that these centrists, plus a whole boatload of others, will sit this one out. These include some minorities, young people and those that really fell hook, line and sinker for the whole Hope and Change philosophy and have vowed to never support another politician for the rest of their lives. We have seen a new generation of cynics created right before our eyes.

We should have some sort of resolution on the Jerry Sandusky trial this year. Hopefully, justice will be done, and well have more than a few laughs at Sanduskys attorney.

We may also see some sort of result on Attorney General Eric Holders Fast and Furious operation that sent weapons to Mexico. That should be more explosive (no pun intended) than the Iran-Contra scandal of my youth.

With all of the shenanigans and monkeyshines going on in Congress, hopefully well see that herd culled. When you cant agree on something as small, yet as important, as 40 bucks a pay period for your constituents, something is seriously broken with the people we entrust to make decisions for us. Lets all hope and pray we get people who want to do something be they Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Cheese eater.

We should also see some sort of equilibrium, hopefully, in the real estate market. Now that short sales are a way of life, well see some sort of stability coming back to that endangered sector of the market.

One area that needs quite a bit of help and clarification is the area of loan modifications. The system, as it progresses, seems more and more confusing and opaque. Banks tell people they can do it themselves, but thats a pipe dream. Unless you have eight to nine hours a week, and the patience of Job, you are not getting anywhere.

One event I am almost certain we will see this year is a united Europe although not in the way anyone had anticipated. You see, I believe the death of the Euro as the standard European currency is finished. With the financial problems of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, the Euro is crumbling under the strain of trying to keep these countries together and financially viable.

It appears that theres only one country on the whole of the continent that has the ability, the resources and the wherewithal to maintain its standard of living, while it can prop up the others. And that country, my friends, is Germany.

For almost the entire first half of the twentieth century, Germany sought to conquer Europe with weapons, armies and hateful racial policies; now, it seems all they needed to get the job done was a stable currency. By the end of the new decade, the Euro will be replaced by the Mark.

All that said, I hope you had a happy holiday, and all of the best for 2012!

Chris Markham writes a regular column for fredericknewspost.com.

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