Senior pets and mammals

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Can you believe another new year is here? As a snaketrapper, it is very slow for me at this time of year. Acutally, it is nice because it prepares me for another new snake season and gives me time to relax a little.

I wanted to share with you something personal. Many think the life of a snaketrapper is very fascinating. But I am also a full time caregiver to my mother. Of course this is a very challenging job for the younger human mammal.

We all age, just as our beloved pets do, such as our cats, dogs, birds or reptiles. And, with the aging process, life can become more of a challenge because certain things can happen to the body.

Arthritis, kidney failure, failing eyesight, hearing problems and even dental issues can arise, and such procedures involved with those issues can get expensive.

Also, caring for a senior pet or senior human mammal takes a lot of patience. Sometimes you cannot leave your elder pet or elder parent alone. For your pets, you can contact your local animal control or humane society for help.

But with senior parents, you can make sure their medical needs are taken care of through their doctor. But it is not like you can call in a human trapper to remove them or handle their needs. There are caregivers out there who offer special services in the home for the senior parent. My suggestion is to start with your local health department, Department of Aging or They offer a lot of resources for the senior parent.

Life can be full of stress, tension and mental challenges when trying to care for a senior pet or parent. Please try to take time for yourself. Believe me, I know this is very hard to do but a balance can be found. You just need to slow down enough to find it. It has been very cold lately but try to get out and enjoy nature. There is so much to see and do even in the winter.

And, never hesitate to call for help. It is out there.

Tammy McCormack is a licensed MD snaketrapper. She writes an online column for You may contact her at

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