More Little Things

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Are your eyes open to the little things? Well, not just your eyes, but all of your senses... things like...


...little dogs in little coats?

..the rich, sweet smell of apples from McCutcheon's in the early afternoon,

and the factory's 5 p.m. whistle?

(Actually I haven't heard it in a while, since I'm rarely home before 6:30 p.m.) crystals venturing out into Carroll Creek, Culler Lake, and the like?

...the hardy overwintering songbirds that have ventured out on the mild weather mornings to trill their melodies in defiance of winter?

...the hints of (or wishes for) spring in the early-arriving Easter merchandise beginning to pop up in store displays?

...the occasional unforecasted snowflake,

or simply the teasing smell of snow in the sky?

...the deliciously homey scent of clean laundry emanating from dryer vents throughout the neighborhood that seems to linger in the frosty air than it does in summer?


What little things are you noticing?

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