Tidbits: Ty Segall at 123 Pleasant St.

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At some point last year, I began attending so many show’s every weekend that it became near impossible to keep writing show reviews for each one.  As a result it’s been several months since I’ve wrote any show review at all, but the recent Ty Segall show at 123 Pleasant St. , Morgantown WV on January 14th definitely warrants a few words.  First off, if someone were to design my perfect bar venue, 123 Pleasant St. would closely resemble that vision.  123 Pleasant St. is separated into three big rooms, two bar area’s and a stage hall sandwiched in the middle all lined with brick, barn wood, and tin ceilings lending a major helping hand to the natural acoustics.  Having the bar and stage separated is always genius in my opinion because it separates the regular bar goers and bar noise from the more serious music fans.  In addition, the stage is elevated so there really isn’t a bad standing spot and lighting is geared such that amateur photography with good results is actually possible.  123 Pleasant St. has a great local history with a great community of local patrons and at only 2hr’s and some change, Morgantown makes a nice weekend or one night escape from Frederick and a great alternative to the big cities to see some of indie rocks hottest young bands, like for instance Ty Segall!

Ty Segall is a virtual fountain of youth and creativity having produced stacks of 45’s, full length LP’s, and split collaborations of some of indie rocks best and most innovative garage rock since his young career beginnings in 2005.  It was a cherished opportunity for any garage rock fan to catch California based Segall in such a charming and intimate venue like 123 Pleasant St.  Ty Segall’s songs surreally capture the basic elemental everyday things in life (good and bad) and are therefore easy for any person to feel instantly connected.  On stage that personal connection triples in intensity, at 123 Pleasant St. it felt as though we were all hanging out at Ty Segall’s house while he decided to play a few songs for us from the couch, telling stories and jokes in between, and even having a new friend or two help him out on a couple songs.  Maybe somewhat unusual for a punk rock or garage rock artist, Ty Segall radiates positive energy on stage and it’s dangerously addictive when coupled with catchy hooks and guitar distortion that seems to scratch an itch deep in the brain that you just can’t reach otherwise.  Definitely, worth a mention also, one of my local favorites The Demon Beat and a young pop electronic group called Best Friends opened for Ty Segall.  I hadn’t seen Best Friends before but was impressed by their spirit and enthusiasm besides their music styling.  The Demon Beat brought their “A” game for Ty, squeezing as many cool guitar riffs and all out jam moments into each song.  The boys also sported a few new songs as a treat for us familiar fans and I do believe they went over well.  I’m looking forward to watching these new Demon Beat songs progress into a new album!

As a music fan, definitely keep your eye on 123 Pleasant St., even if you’re not into punk or garage rock there is always a little something for everyone.  The next show I recommend checking out is Baltimore based pop electronic favorite’s Future Islands with Ed Schrader and Shepherdstown local Rozwell Kid opening on Friday February 3 2012 for a mere $10.25 with tax if you order online.

Video Playlist From Ty Segall at 123 Pleasant St.:

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