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People like what they like for their own reason, and music is no exception. Some people might like to listen to music because they like to dance. Some people listen because it calms them down and helps them relax. Others listen to music because they think knowing all the popular songs makes them cool.

I listen to music because I think music is one of the only places that you can get true, honest advice. Musicians are not going to tell you want you want to hear just to make you feel better just like your mom or best friend might. They will not tell you that everything is going to be fine when really, everything is looking pretty negative and it might not look better for a while. They probably will not try to convince you that life is perfect and that those bad days will not come, unless they are some teeny-bopper who is trying to make some money.

In my eyes, the best musicians are going to be brutally honest with you. Youre practically guaranteed to hear all about heartbreak and pain and suffering and those days when you feel like giving up. You can feel the emotion in their voice and you can relate to it.

When a singer belts out their lyrics you can tell that they mean what they say and that theyre saying what they think. You can relate to them because at some point in your life, their lyrics were running through your head in different words.

Green Day. 21 Guns. Do you know whats worth fighting for? When its not worth dying for?

Sometimes we push ourselves to extremes when in the end, it doesnt matter. So just give up. Stop trying.

Its true. No ones going to tell you to give up but sometimes you should. Nothing is worth killing yourself over.

Sure, there isnt a value to every song. I seriously cant think of any message conveyed through a single one of LMFAOs Party Rock Anthem. You should dance and party; nothing too deep to think about.

Beautiful. Eminem. I would have to say Im pretty biased by Eminem; I can get a message out of anything, not matter how goofy, that he raps.

Marshall Mathers has been through a lot of rough moments that many of us havent. However, this doesnt mean that we cant glean anything from his lyrics in this song. Even when youre down in the dumps and you cant figure out how to fix things, you have to remember that youre worth it. This is a pretty powerful message in my eyes.

Unless youre looking for a nice party-dancing song, the best songs are written and/or sung by those who have a lot of baggage or who have gone through a lot. Lyrics about drug addiction are going to sound a lot different sung by someone who has never touched drugs than by someone who went through rehab for drug abuse.

Maybe you arent going to get a single bit of advice from a song, but at times, knowing that someone has gone through the same thing as you can be all that matters.

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